Support Groups

Changing years of unhealthy emotional attachments to food is hard. It’s even harder if you’re doing it alone. 

The Tenacious Grace Journey started with support groups where women gathered to explore the deeper reasons behind their emotional eating struggles. These groups paved the way for the creation of the book as well as the coaching program, events, and more to come. These groups are a free resource to those in need of a place to get support and community as they walk through redefining their own relationships with food.


When you’re a part of a Tenacious Grace Support Group, you can relate to others in the ups and downs of the journey to overcome emotional eating. You can find strength and encouragement from other overcomers walking alongside you. Your group can be a powerful resource in redefining your relationship with food. ​


I have struggled with emotional eating for as long as I can remember. My weight fluctuated through the years, but I was able to keep my weight within a healthy range. However, in 2012 I was blessed to become pregnant with our son. I gained 70+ pounds while pregnant and on bed rest. A few pounds were shed before becoming pregnant with our daughter. I gained another 50+ pounds with my second pregnancy—yikes! Motherhood is an absolute dream come true, however, my daily struggle with emotional eating was robbing me of joy. 


Through attending the Tenacious Grace Support Groups, my relationship with food has changed and my understanding of God's Word with regard to this stronghold has grown. 


Thanks to Jenna and Tenacious Grace, my mind and heart have been transformed. Jenna’s heart for the Lord and others, as well as her knowledge of God’s Word and how it applies to our lives, is clearly evident in this book and the workbook used in the groups. For anyone struggling with emotional eating, I highly recommend joining a group. Tenacious Grace Support Groups have been truly life changing. 


 Join a group!


Here's what you can expect:

  • This is a free resource where groups of no more than 12 people journey together through the companion Tenacious Grace Workbook. 

  • These groups are structured to meet weekly for 12 weeks.

  • Locations will vary.

  • Groups will be led by a Certified Tenacious Grace Support Group Lead.

  • These are closed groups.  After the second week, no additional members will be added.


Gather some friends and start a book club!

  • Join together and work your way through the book at your own pace. 

  • There are questions at the end of each chapter to help you dig deeper and own truth. 

  • We recommend groups of 3 to 7 people.

We’d love to hear your experiences!  Share your stories with us here!

 Lead a group!



This is for individuals who want to become a Certified Tenacious Grace Group Lead!


  • Certified Leaders will lead a group of no more than 12 people through the Tenacious Grace Workbook. This is an exclusive PDF download for those leading the support groups.

  • These groups are structured to meet weekly for 12 weeks.

  • There is a cost for the certification and training program. 

  • This cost can be covered by your home church if they choose to implement the groups as a ministry opportunity.

  • There is a discount to certify and train multiple people at one time, if a few friends want to do a group training together.

  • Jenna will be your trainer.

Contact us to get Certified!



This is for churches who want to implement the book and workbook as a curriculum and hold the Support Groups as a ministry to those needing support in overcoming emotional eating.

  • Same structure as the Tenacious Grace Support Group.

  • The cost for the certification and training program would be covered by the church.

  • Discounts are available to certify and train multiple leaders at once.

  • Jenna will be your trainer.

Contact us to bring Tenacious Grace to your church!



This is for individuals or churches who want to host an event that focuses on emotional eating.

  • Gatherings are for larger groups.

  • These events can be used to kick off or wrap up a Support Group.

  • You can book Jenna to come speak!

Contact us to book Jenna for your gathering event!    |    Designed by 'Hello Creative!'


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