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Online Course



Our Tenacious Grace Online Course has been designed to provide you with 13 weeks of additional support. Author of the book, Jenna Barbosa, shares video content where she gives additional teaching and personal experiences that aid in your learning. You'll meet some certified Tenacious Grace Coaches in the videos as well as they help give more variety of experiences to the lessons. 

Along with the video resources, you'll have a companion workbook delivered weekly to your inbox helping you dive that much deeper in your journey. It really is like having your own team of coaches right there in your living room. 

Courses are valued at $1,375 but retail at $600. This breaks down to having your team of coaches at only $46 bucks each session! 


If you are a leader and would like to provide courses for more than one person, you're in for some discounted pricing! Our course-licensing package offers leadership an opportunity to provide multiple people with course content at affordable rates. 

Here are some leadership positions that would benefit from our licensing packages:

  • Coaches

  • Leader of a church group or ministry

  • Head or director of an organization
  • Counselors


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