Support Groups

There is power in numbers and sometimes we need the extra support. At times, overcoming something that has many layers to it – like emotional eating – requires outside perspective. Tenacious Grace Support Groups is a free resource that allows people to gather together and talk through common struggles, gain support, and build relationships. There is also an opportunity to become a Tenacious Grace Support Lead and facilitate your own groups!


It's so helpful to have someone do the deep dive with you into your specific story to uncover the things that drive you to emotionally eat. The Coaching program is where you can hire a certified Tenacious Grace Coach who will come alongside you as you unpack the levels of why you emotionally eat. They will be your cheerleader and coach to provide you with accountability and encouragement. There is also an opportunity to become a certified Tenacious Grace Coach!    |    Designed by 'Hello Creative!'


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