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What a heartwarming experience for Jenna to sit with the women from Altered Ministries to share about about emotional eating and why it's radically tied to our relationship with Christ.  Jenna is now a regular cast member on 'Breaking Bread'!

Click here to connect with Altered Ministries!


Jenna had the opprountiy to chat with the sweet Jessica Lauren of the 'Truth Speaks' podcast!  In episode 13, they talk about emotional eating; the WHY behind it and asking ourselves hard questions, navigating singleness, and wrestling with hope. If you've ever walked through seasons of disappointment, this episode is for you.

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In episode 72 of her podcast 'Constantly Under Construction', Donna Harris invited Jenna to discuss experiencing freedom from our hangups. 

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The first guest on Jayne Patton's podcast 'Sacred Conversations' was our very own Jenna Barbosa!  In episode 1, Jayne and Jenna discuss her book 'Tenacious Grace: Redefine Your Relationship With Food and End Emotional Eating'.

Click here to learn more and hear the podcast now!

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