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How many times have you wished you had someone to help you overcome something step by step? Sometimes you need one-on-one guidance to take you deeper into the exploration of what causes you to emotionally eat. 


With Tenacious Grace Coaching, you will find a coach who is passionate about helping you redefine your relationship with food. You’ll have direct access to your coach for sessions, encouragement, and accountability. 


It’s time to go the extra step and receive the  personalized help you’ve been hoping for.


Starting in fifth grade, I began to hold an infatuation with the food I was consuming—or rather, what I was ceasing to consume. Restriction quickly became a game that I played in order to watch myself become something different in the mirror instead of allowing my mind to thrive. My unhealthy relationship with food became unhealthy relationships with men, friends, family, and an overall distaste for the life I had ahead of me. 


Through Tenacious Grace Coaching, I have learned immense amounts of truth that have aided in the process of recovery from an overly restrictive mindset. It has become a toolbox that I leave open 24/7 in order to continue reminding myself that I have immeasurable worth in Christ. I have been taught that I am fully loved, known, and wanted by the One far greater than me—that He has created me as His masterpiece. 


I would encourage anyone struggling with food to check out the wonderful guidance found in Tenacious Grace Coaching. An unhealthy relationship with food will follow you, but a healthy relationship with Christ will lead you. 



Here's what you can expect:​

  • You will hire a certified Tenacious Grace Coach and journey together through the companion Tenacious Grace Workbook. 

  • You will have direct contact to your coach and recieve help on various levels, according to where you are in the journey.

  • You will receive a certificate of completion and recognition at the Annual Tenacious Grace Conference for your commitment to your journey.

Check out our Tenacious Grace Coaching packages!



  • Weekly coaching 

  • Personalized work with a coach

  • Help walking through the companion workbook

  • Payment due upon visit

  • Certificate of completion and recognition at the annual conference

Contact us to begin your coaching journey with the individual package!



  • Groups of anywhere from 3-10 people

  • Can be paid in full or split into monthly payments

  • Covers 6 months of coaching

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls and help walking through the companionship workbook

  • Friend-bonus: $25 off cost per friend you bring into the group with you

  • Includes 50% off a General Admission ticket to the Annual Tenacious Grace Conference

  • Certificate of completion and recognition at the annual conference

Contact us to begin your coaching journey with the group package!

 Become a Certified Tenacious Grace Coach!



This is for individuals who want to become a Certified Tenacious Grace Coach!

  • Certified coaches will lead their clients through a personalized journey using the Tenacious Grace Workbook as a framework.  This is an exclusive PDF download​​ for those in the coaching programs we offer.

  • The curriculum is structured to meet with clients weekly for 12 weeks for best results.  This may vary, depending on the needs of the client.

  • There is a cost for the certification and training program.  Please contact our team for further information and pricing structure.

  • The coach has the freedom in building their own clientele.

  • There is a discount to certify and train multiple people at one time, if a few friends wish to enroll in a group training together.

  • Jenna Barbosa, author and founder, will be your trainer personally and throughout the courses. 

  • There is a yearly fee to remain certified which includes continuing education on building a coaching business and additional support. 

  • Coaches will have an exclusive conference for them yearly as a team building experience and to further equip them. 

Contact us to begin your journey to become a Certified Tenacious Grace Coach!

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