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If we are honest with ourselves, we are more tenacious in our pursuit to feed our emotions or eat whatever because we "want it" than we are in fueling our bodies. While in this struggle of emotional eating, we beat ourselves up and tend to pull away from God, not only in the areas that caused us to reach for food in the first place, but in a lot of other areas. We distance ourselves from God instead of pressing into Him more closely. As we learn more about God’s tenacious pursuit of our hearts and the freedom He has for us from this struggle, we will peel back the layers of understanding the “why” behind our emotional eating.

In Tenacious Grace, you’ll learn more about why we connect so deeply with food, how triggers and shame play huge roles in this struggle, and solid truths that will empower you to claim new ground in ending emotional eating.  The name “Tenacious Grace” came from reflecting on how much God has for us through relationship with His son, Jesus.  His pursuit of our hearts is unyielding and so loving! 

Come along this journey with Jenna, and many others! Start with her book - where you'll understand God’s tenacious grace for you as you focus on the deeper reasons you emotionally eat. Then we have more opportunities for support through individual and group coaching, courses, retreats, and conferences!  

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