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  • Discover why you emotionally eat!

  • Destroy the hold shame has on you!

  • Delight in the freedom of enjoying food as fuel, which happens to taste AMAZING!

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When food is used as an emotional coping mechanism, it holds a certain power over you.  Jenna Barbosa knows this frustrating struggle all too well.  Through her journey of understanding why she has felt powerless under the pull of food, Jenna invites you to join her in this journey of looking at the spiritual, mental, and physical components of the emotional eating cycle.

In Jenna's book 'Tenacious Grace', you'll discover why you emotionally eat, destroy the hold shame has on you, and delight in the freedom of enjoying food as fuel - which happens to taste AMAZING!

Let's journey!


Tenacious Grace is a journey where you will redefine your relationship with food and end emotional eating. Through support groups, coaching, community, and live events, you'll learn how to identify the emotional eating cycle, interact with the three different types of hunger differently, and find support while exploring why you desire to eat when your body is not physically hungry!

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